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Award Winning
Hernia Specialists in Los Angeles

Magdi Alexander, MD, FACS

Dr. Alexander has been performing general surgery for over 21 years. He has been in practice for over 18 years and is the leading physician in advanced laparoscopic, minimally invasive hemorrhoid surgery.

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George Mutafyan, MD

Dr. Mutafyan is a top-rated, board-certified physician with years of knowledge in general operations and provides a complete array of care alternatives, including hernia surgery.

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Most people believe you can avoid
a hernia by staying fit and active.

Although this has proven to be beneficial in the prevention of hernias, we are all susceptible regardless of fitness level. If left untreated, hernias can lead to dangerous even life-threatening complications.

Hernia specialists provide cutting-edge surgical procedures, including advanced robotic surgery, to better improve the repair and recovery of a hernia. Most hernias are repaired with a minimally invasive procedure at an outpatient center, allowing patients to go home the same day.

Our hernia specialists are board-certified, with almost 30 years of experience in Hernia treatments. They are pioneers in the latest robotic and laparoscopic procedures, and treat all types of hernias, including inguinal, hiatal, ventral, epigastric, femoral and umbilical They are respected among their peers and in the community, and have consistently won numerous awards based on patient reviews from a variety of organizations, including Healthgrades, Vitals and Pasadena Magazine.

Although they are experts in their field and have been called upon to serve in leadership and teaching positions at top medical schools, their primary focus remains patient care. Our hernia specialists are professional, confident physicians who will make themselves your partner on this journey to a better, healthier you. They are compassionate, kind, caring and will take time to talk to you about your condition in order to find the best possible treatment. Their mission is to provide patients with a safe and comfortable environment and get a full patient history to provide the most accurate and effective treatment options for each individual patient. Our specialists take a conservative approach to hernia treatment, and only recommend surgery after other treatments have been attempted.  Their bedside manner is like no other.

Should you require surgery, Avalon Surgery & Robotic Center provides a comprehensive patient experience. Not only is Avalon home to a wide variety of select Hernia Specialists, but they also offer personalized concierge attention before, during and after your surgery, including complimentary:

  • Appointments scheduled at your convenience
  • Coordinating with the doctor’s office for treatments
  • Insurance verification and information
  • Appointment reminders (phone call + text)
  • Less wait time with information intake ahead of time

If you are experiencing hernia symptoms, seek the help of a hernia specialist today! Our specialists welcome new patients and accept most major medical insurance plans.

Meet the Doctors – Avalon Hernia Los Angeles and Pasadena Specialists January 10, 2017

Award Winning

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