Not All Hernia Doctors Are Equal

Not All Hernia Doctors Are Equal

Not All Hernia Doctors Are Equal

Choosing the Right Hernia Specialist

Some doctors aren’t trained in the best and latest techniques for surgical treatment of hernias. This isn’t because they are choosing to be out of the loop. There is a lot of training end effort involved in keeping up to date with the latest medical journals and surgical techniques, and it’s hard to constantly change and adapt the way you operate. If the procedure works, why change? Some think otherwise…

When you’re looking for a hernia specialist, or any medical specialist to treat your injury, make sure to do your own research before making a decision. There are plenty of free journals available to learn about different techniques and strategies for a treatment course.

Recently, a patient had a hernia repair surgery performed by a veteran surgeon. However, the surgeon that operated on the patient before didn’t properly secure the mesh in place and eventually slipped away from the hernia. When the patent came in to see a different specialist for a hernia, they found that it was due to a bad technique and procedure used by the previous physician. Their hernia was in the same place as before and required surgery again. The old mesh had fallen and crumpled up, needing to be removed before new mesh was properly secured in place.

This is just one example how not all surgeons are equal, and it’s important for patients to do their research prior to making a decision! There are so many great physicians out there that truly put their patients’ health and well-being first.

Ask questions, come prepared, and do your research before scheduling a consultation with a doctor, let alone a surgery!

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