The Rock goes through a painful time

The Rock goes through a painful time

You’re probably used to seeing him punching his way through enemies in movies but even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can’t beat a hernia. Right before Johnson was set to begin filming his mythical epic, “Hercules,” he had to postpone the movie because his doctor diagnosed him with having a hernia. Johnson describes going in for a check-up and his physician telling him that his abdominal wall got weak and that his organs pushed through. Just two weeks before he was supposed to start shooting, his doctor recommended surgery.

The director of “Hercules,” Brett Ratner, had a lot to say about the situation.

“You think automatically because he’s (Johnson) a bodybuilder, he can do that stuff, but he had to get up at two or three in the morning, work out, eat 10 times a day,” Ratner said. “He had to drink tremendous fluids to keep hydrated. I was always worried about burning him out because it’s hard to maintain that level of energy. The crazy part is, three weeks before we started shooting, he whips his groin muscle and gets a hernia.”

Unfortunately, Johnson received even more bad news while he was recovering and discovered his close friend and co-worker, actor Paul Walker, died in a tragic car crash. Stress can make any illness worse, especially when you’re recovering from a hernia.

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